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Backup Solutions

Data Loss

Like everything Hard-drives have a lifespan. This can be from a few days to 10s of years depending on the manufacture and operating conditions of a drive.

The most notorious cause of hard-disk failure is a head crash, where the internal read-and-write head of the device, usually just hovering above the surface, touches a platter, or scratches the magnetic data-storage surface. A head crash usually incurs severe data loss, and data recovery attempts may cause further damage if not done by a specialist with proper equipment.

In most cases the cost of a properly installed and maintained backup solution is preferable to the cost of data recovery.

The Solutions

Having more than one copy of your data is a sure way of avoiding data loss and Wye Computer Services can customise a solution to your needs:

  • Local manual backup
  • Raid 1&5 automatic backup
  • Remote Raid 5 storage via sFTP sync